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Oriental Christmas Dinner

Steamed vegetables on Jasmine rice with peanut sauce.

Vanilla ice-cream garnished with chocolate sauce, toasted coconut and two wafer-thin slices of strawberries.

Butterflies Galore

Remembrance Day

Digital Handprint

The Hour of the Wolf

Quatermass and the Pit

Hello World

My Second Chance at Life

Among the living, I am the undead.
Among the mummy wrappings, I am the DNA.
Among the family, I am forever cursed.
Among the ancient Egyptians.
I am the only surviving daughter of RA. 

Among the ancient parchment containing.
A spell for life and death.
Among the decay and rotting flesh.
Forever guarded by the Knights Templar - Egyptian charter.
To be resurrected like the divine phoenix in the fable of old.

Among the flames a spark of life.
Reduced to ashes so ensuring infinity8.
Among the waves I am reborn.
The ocean being my mother of creation.
Among the living, my second chance at life.

© Marjorie Savill Linthwaite 2018 All Rights Reserved

Camperdown Cemetery - City of the Undead

Spinach and Cheese Pie / Coleslaw with Walnuts / Unsalted Potato Chips

Mort de Fatigue (dead-tired)


Chess Piece

Living on Borrowed Time

Bats in the Belfry

Per Captura Gain


One Degree of Separation


Eight - Thrice

Gothic Horror Vibes