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Chapter II: the Bridge of Sighs

Oriental Christmas Dinner

Steamed vegetables on Jasmine rice with peanut sauce.

Vanilla ice-cream garnished with chocolate sauce, toasted coconut and two wafer-thin slices of strawberries.

Butterflies Galore

Chapter V: Conclusion

Chapter IV: Creatures of Mythology

Chapter III: the Bubonic Plague

Remembrance Day

The Taboo of the Undead 888: The Charnel House - Weird Night Creatures

San Girogio Maggiore Church - Lamp Detail_Colour Code

San Girogio Maggiore Church - Lamp Detail

A Beach Too Faraway

Bram Stoker's Dracula


Bram Stoker's Dracula MindMap

Trilogy of Terror

Digital Handprint

Is Social Media Bad for Us?

The Hour of the Wolf

Quatermass and the Pit

Hello World

Night-Time Views_Colour Code

Dirty Secret

Sydney Opera House and CityScape_Colour Code

Second Chance

Among the living, I am the undead.
Among the mummy wrappings, I am the DNA.
Among the family, I am forever cursed.
Among the ancient Egyptians.
I am the only surviving daughter of RA. 

Among the ancient parchment containing.
A spell for life and death.
Among the decay and rotting flesh.
Forever guarded by the Knights Templar - Egyptian charter.
To be resurrected like the divine phoenix in the fable of old.

Among the flames a spark of life.
Reduced to ashes so ensuring infinity8.
Among the waves I am reborn.
The ocean being my mother of creation.
Among the living, my second chance at life.

© Marjorie Savill Linthwaite 2018 All Rights Reserved

Camperdown Cemetery - City of the Undead

Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today

Spinach and Cheese Pie / Coleslaw with Walnuts / Unsalted Potato Chips

Mort de Fatigue (dead-tired)


Chess Piece

Living on Borrowed Time

Reptilian Brain


Bats in the Belfry

Per Captura Gain


Vampire Grave