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Fisher Library


Happiness / Health



Hollyhock Seeds


New York Minute

Global Weirding

Faux News

Wasps' Nest



Post-Truth Society

Composition No. 10



Leonard Cohen - Heartfelt

Halloween in Sydney

Final Straw

Print Culture

Winged horses

The Bubonic Plague

Critical Mass


Bob Dylan - Noble Prize

Apropos of Nothing


Farewell - Richard Neville


RUST as Art

Orval acquired the notion of septicaemia,
through the toxic nature of his / her navel piecing,
which regrettably was not gold.
This artist's model posed naked against the backdrop,
of rusted artefacts from the radioactive ruins.
The soul of the client was somewhat hornlike.
His chauffeur had a tendency to gnaw on human bones.
A blood-spattered scythe lay on the back seat.
The drive back to the cemetery was unsettling,
for the hand-cuffed artist trapped within his coffin.
A stonemason was carving the surname Orpiman,
on the headstone next to the freshly dug grave.
The  model was left behind in the dissolving action,
of the acid in the stone trough.

Gothic Rust

Blue Owl with Banksia Detail

Eyed - Selected Poems

The Divine Phoenix Poem

The Mnemonic Mirror - Kylie Banyard

CD Cover Art - Music

Track Work - Central

Loved One

Patty Duke - Actress

Architectural Multiverse - Andrew Kovacs

Harper Lee - Authoress

Santa Maria della Salute

David Bowie - Artistic Tribute